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We pride ourselves as being one of the first ever Saudi VFX studios in the country. Yup! Being the first meant that we had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but ten years on and we are much much better for it.

Despite our age, we still get excited when we're asked to push the limits of what is possible. And over the years, we have pushed these limits with countless production houses, communication agencies, TV channels and brand teams. Despite that, we still get excited when we ourselves learn something new. And we still get excited when we see our work published and discussed!


smalltrianglesWe Provide

Visual Effects 3D/2D Compositing 3D Animation Set Extensions Rotoscoping Simulation FX
Motion Gfx 2D Animation Mood-Board Story-Board 2D Character Development

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In our Studio, something exciting is always on the menu.
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